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Oak Sound

Five Man Army

by Bob Harding on 29 April 2014

FIVE MAN ARMYInitially released as a Record Store Day exclusive the classic 12” single “Five Man Army” is now on general release on both vinyl and as MP3 or FLAC download. [click to continue…]

As some of you may already know the classic 12″ single ‘Five Man Army’ featuring Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin was recently released by King Spinna Records as a Record Store Day exclusive. Well, Record Store Day has come and gone and ‘Five Man Army’ is now on general release and is available on vinyl or download here on the King Spinna website.

Copies of the original 1982 Oak Sound release are much sought after and change hands for considerable sums. This is a BIG record in the reggae community!

The description on Ernie B’s website says it all:

Colossal. The rhythm is so heavy it took 5 guys to voice on it. No joke this is known as one of the greatest singles released in the early 1980s. An indispensable record, end of story!

We’re keeping the price down to just £7.99 for the 12″ single even though other online retailers are selling it for considerably more. This is because we want to keep it affordable and we have to take into account the high cost of sending vinyl records by post. If it’s April it must be another Royal Mail price increase! Every year without fail, it’s ridiculous. In fact we don’t really expect to get any orders from outside Europe as the cost of the postage is almost the same price as the record!

If downloads are your thing it’s even better value with the A and B sides at just £0.75 each for MP3 and £0.99 for FLAC.