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Half-Price Christmas Sale! 3 Days Only.

by Bob Harding on 8 December 2014

It’s that time of the year again so we’re having a Half Price Christmas Sale, running from 10am on Tuesday 9th December to 10am on Friday 12th December (all times GMT). So why not check out these genuine 50% reductions on all our Vinyl and CD releases.

Grab that last-minute Christmas gift for half the normal price!

Vinyl LPNormal Price £12.99SALE PRICE £6.49
CD AlbumNormal Price £7.99SALE PRICE £3.99
Vinyl 12″ SingleNormal Price £7.99SALE PRICE £3.99
All items revert to their original price once the sale is over.

Have yourself an Irie little Christmas!



09 / 10 / 11 DECEMBER

The debut release on brand new label Horus Records, a double A-side 7″ single featuring “Riddim Box Dub” by Stally & The Breadwinners and “Soul Groove” by Skinshape has sold out of its one and only pressing of 500 copies. Well, almost sold out, because we at King Spinna still have the last few remaining copies. So if you don’t want to miss out on this little gem of a record order now! First come, first served.

We’re also making the two tracks available for download in MP3 and FLAC formats.

The 7″ vinyl is priced at £4.99. Downloads cost just 59 pence per track for MP3 and 75 pence per track for FLAC.

Find out more about Horus Records on Facebook.

The Breadwinners / Skinshape – Horus Records

by Bob Harding on 25 November 2013

HorusRecords HRD-101 This is the first release from new label Horus Records. Hailing from Dorset and Hampshire, we are two young guys totally devoted to the music we love. As enthusiastic listeners and performers of music, we felt it our responsibility to release some of the material we have been exposed to, music that we feel deserves to be heard by a wider audience. In this first release [click to continue…]

Reviews & Comments on “Dubs Unlimited”

by Bob Harding on 13 December 2012

We’re beginning to get some nice reviews and comments on The Breadwinners’ “Dubs Unlimited”. Here’s a a little taste:
“It is Perry’s classic late seventies Black Ark sound that is most lovingly homaged here. Though Studio One, Pablo and the Radics also resonate. All is married to a sense of melody often absent in contemporary dub.”
Dub Vendor website

Read the full review here.
“Dubs Unlimited is swamped with deep and easy rocking bass lines and pays tribute to old school recording techniques and is an all analogue album, which creates a warm, almost soothing, sound.”
Erik Magni, Reggaemani Blog
Read the full review here.

Steve Barker’s Top Ten

“From the opening track “The Breadwinner” there’s a confidence and conviction that’s rare in most new dub sounds. An impressive debut.”
Steve Barker, The Wire, January 2013
The Wire Logo - Adventures in Modern Music
“Everything from the artwork to the tip-top mastering by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London makes for the most immersive, warmly gratifying listen. Big up! Recommended.”
Conor Thomas, Boomkat

Read the full review here.

The Breadwinners – Dubs Unlimited

by admin on 27 November 2012

The Breadwinners Dubs UnlimitedSO HERE IT IS!

[click to continue…]


by Bob Harding on 17 November 2012

It’s that time of the year again so for one week only we’re slashing our prices by up to 50%. That’s right, from now until 10am on Wednesday 12th December, we’re offering “Dub Will Change Your Mind” by Bunny Lee & The Agrovators at just half-price on all formats. Don’t miss this great chance to grab yourself a copy at these ridiculously low prices!

LP for just £8.49
CD for just £3.99
Full MP3 album for just £2.99 / Single track downloads only £0.29
Full FLAC album for just £3.25

And don’t forget the CD, MP3 and FLAC editions of the album contain 3 bonus tracks not on the LP.

We’re also reducing the price of our two T-shirt lines by 40% which means you can pick up a Congos or Blood and Fire logo shirt for only £5.99

Remember, the sale is for 7 Days Only! After that, all items will revert to their original price.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from King Spinna!
Check out the 15-minute preview of this superb album on the KingSpinnaRecords YouTube channel here. The album will be released on 12 December 2012 and will be available on all formats – LP, CD, MP3 and FLAC. Just to avoid any confusion this is NOT the same as the CD-R album of the same name which we are already selling on this site. The King Spinna release contains all the same tracks as the CD-R but these are brand new mixes with many new overdubs (horns, harmonica etc.), all mixed to quarter-inch analogue tape and professionally mastered by the man with “the best ears in the universe” Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London. The CD, MP3 and FLAC issues of the album include a bonus track “Joy [Discomix]” featuring the legendary Big Youth, but due to time constraints this track does not appear on the LP. Nevertheless, the LP edition is a real treat for vinyl fans – it’s that rare beast, the Triple A “All Analogue Album”, recorded on analogue multitrack, mixed to quarter inch analogue tape and cut direct to the lathe – not a ProTool in sight!

The LP and CD issues of the album will soon be available for pre-order on our website.

More news on this release coming soon so stay tuned!

Check out more mixes by The Breadwinners on the Bakery Studio’s YouTube channel

“Dub Will Change Your Mind” Now Available On CD

by Bob Harding on 21 March 2012

In addition to the vinyl, MP3 & FLAC versions of “Dub Will Change Your Mind” by Bunny Lee & The Agrovators the set will be complete when the CD issue finally gets a release on Monday 26th March. The CD features the same 3 bonus tracks as are included in the MP3 and FLAC formats – “Ginegog Version”, “Dub Naah Run” and “Dub Will Change Your Mind”. The CD is in stock now and is available for immediate despatch. The LP, MP3 and FLAC versions are also available for immediate despatch or download. Click here to buy the CD now!
King Spinna Records is proud and privileged to offer The Breadwinners’ debut CD for sale on our website. Coming live and direct from the Bakery studio in Stockport this 14-track album features strictly old school dubwise mixes in a style very reminiscent of the famed Black Ark studio in Kingston, JA. No laptops were harmed during the making of this album as the music was created entirely by REAL musicians playing REAL instruments, recorded and mixed on analogue tape. Click here for more info and to buy now!
The market is saturated with albums of Bunny Lee produced dubs from King Tubby’s studio, with varying degrees of overlap, but now here comes a record of genuine rarities never compiled on album before. Read more and listen to samples