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Feedback & Reviews of Dub Will Change Your Mind

by Bob Harding on 2 December 2011

We’ve been getting some great feedback from customers and reviewers for “Dub Will Change Your Mind”. Here are a few snippets:
“I must admit that it really was worth waiting for! You not only managed to come up with a really good pressing but you gave me and hopefully more than just 1.000 other musiclovers a real gem to be treasured. Great, great music. Fantastic stuff.”
“Thank you so much for sending the vinyl. True beautiful & a fantastic job on the restoration. Cleaned right up & not a ounce of atmosphere lost which is to your credit. Great record to be back in the game with & several absolute corkers.”
Alan Gray @ Transmission Glasgow, Scotland

For copyright reasons we cannot reproduce entire reviews on our website but here’s a brief taste of what has appeared in the print and online media:
“Bringing to light these Bunny Lee-produced dubs from King Tubby’s studio – genuine rarities never compiled on album before – is an irresistible start.”
Steve Barker, The Wire, July 2011
The Wire Logo - Adventures in Modern Music
Please note: This review is only available in print.
“King Spinna certainly follows in the great Blood and Fire tradition and offers sublime music that many people didn’t even know existed until now.”
Eric Magni, United Reggae Magazine #12, October 2011

Read the full review here.
“The material is largely free of gimmicks, being instead a set of understated dubs that concentrate on drum and bass, with a smattering of ghostly vocal to guide the proceedings.”
Dave Katz, Riddim Magazine
Please note: This review is only available in print.
One of the most crucial Dub Reggae reissues of the year. Mastering by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters, London. Highly Recommended!”
Boomkat Newsletter, 9th September 2011
Read the full review here.
“King Spinna starts big with an album dedicated to the connections between King Tubby and Bunny Lee. One of the strengths is ‘ Going Home Dub’ with beautiful solos by Tommy McCook and Vin Gordon left in the dub mix.”
Pier Tosi, Sunny Vibes – Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Webzine

Read the original review in Italian here.

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