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Check Out Our Fabulous T-Shirts – FREE UK Shipping!

by Bob Harding on 24 September 2015

We already unveiled our range of fantastic T-Shirts last week but we thought we’d remind you again because DOH! – we forgot to tell you previously that shipping on the the T-shirts is absolutely free in the UK. Obviously not everyone is in the UK but the rates for Europe and the Rest of the World are very reasonable at £3 and £4 respectively. So please check out the T-shirts, we have them in both men’s and women’s fits and there’s a wide range of colours to choose from.
Our new release “Join The Queue” by Dillinger is now available to order in vinyl, MP3 and FLAC formats. If you buy the vinyl edition you will also get a free MP3 download of the entire album. In fact we’ve applied this feature to all the physical products (vinyl and CD) on the site so any time you buy a vinyl or CD release you’ll get the MP3 download too.

New King Spinna T-shirts

by Bob Harding on 18 September 2015

We’ve just launched a wicked range of exclusive King Spinna T-shirts, available in both men’s and women’s styles with a wide variety of colours to choose from.

King Spinna T-shirts Click here to see the full range…
JTQ_sleeve_ Well, it’s been a while but we have a new album release on 2nd October. It’s the 1982 Dillinger LP “Join The Queue”, an excellent but seemingly little-known work which was originally released on the Oak Sound label in the same year as the seminal 12″ single “Five Man Army” which we reissued last year. For some reason the album seemed to disappear off the radar and is not particularly well known today. But it deserves to be heard by a wider audience as it’s on a par with Dillinger’s best work, and interestingly it captures the transition from the older Seventies roots style to the newer dancehall rhythms epitomised by the then in-demand studio outfit Roots Radics who contribute five of the rhythms on the album. The other five come courtesy of Lloyd Parks’s We The People Band and all are original recordings made specifically for this album.

Dillinger himself is in sparkling form throughout, throwing down fresh and original lyrics ranging from the playful to the boastful (”Dillinger The People’s Choice”) to the downright rootical on such tunes as ‘Please Officer’ and ‘Rub A Dub Anthem’ which features some highly idiosyncratic vocalising. He even manages to slip in a bit of authentic yodelling on ‘Duddle Oley’, something not heard too often on a reggae record.

The album will be on limited edition vinyl and download only.


Half-Price Christmas Sale! 3 Days Only.

by Bob Harding on 8 December 2014

It’s that time of the year again so we’re having a Half Price Christmas Sale, running from 10am on Tuesday 9th December to 10am on Friday 12th December (all times GMT). So why not check out these genuine 50% reductions on all our Vinyl and CD releases.

Grab that last-minute Christmas gift for half the normal price!

Vinyl LPNormal Price £12.99SALE PRICE £6.49
CD AlbumNormal Price £7.99SALE PRICE £3.99
Vinyl 12″ SingleNormal Price £7.99SALE PRICE £3.99
All items revert to their original price once the sale is over.

Have yourself an Irie little Christmas!



09 / 10 / 11 DECEMBER

As some of you may already know the classic 12″ single ‘Five Man Army’ featuring Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin was recently released by King Spinna Records as a Record Store Day exclusive. Well, Record Store Day has come and gone and ‘Five Man Army’ is now on general release and is available on vinyl or download here on the King Spinna website.

Copies of the original 1982 Oak Sound release are much sought after and change hands for considerable sums. This is a BIG record in the reggae community!

The description on Ernie B’s website says it all:

Colossal. The rhythm is so heavy it took 5 guys to voice on it. No joke this is known as one of the greatest singles released in the early 1980s. An indispensable record, end of story!

We’re keeping the price down to just £7.99 for the 12″ single even though other online retailers are selling it for considerably more. This is because we want to keep it affordable and we have to take into account the high cost of sending vinyl records by post. If it’s April it must be another Royal Mail price increase! Every year without fail, it’s ridiculous. In fact we don’t really expect to get any orders from outside Europe as the cost of the postage is almost the same price as the record!

If downloads are your thing it’s even better value with the A and B sides at just £0.75 each for MP3 and £0.99 for FLAC.

Less than a week to go now till Record Store Day (April 19th)and King Spinna comes out all guns blazing with the first-ever reissue of the classic 12″ single ‘Five Man Army’ starring Dillinger, Trinity, Wayne Wade, Al Campbell & Junior Tamlin. This is an exclusive Record Store Day release which means it can only be found in independent record stores which have signed up to participate in Record Store Day. To find your nearest participating store click here (UK site) or here (US site).

Not every participating store will be carrying every exclusive Record Store Day release as there are well over 600 of them this year so it would be a good idea to check first whether your nearest store will be stocking the King Spinna release.

The whole idea behind Record Store Day is to physically get people in the record stores on the day itself and therefore there are restrictions on selling an RSD exclusive release online. Both the participating labels and record stores have to sign a Code of Conduct saying they will not sell RSD releases online until one week after Record Store Day, i.e. 26th April. So we’ll be offering the ‘Five Man Army’ 12″ here on our site from then on (assuming we still have some stock left!)

Click on the release notes below to view the page full size.

The debut release on brand new label Horus Records, a double A-side 7″ single featuring “Riddim Box Dub” by Stally & The Breadwinners and “Soul Groove” by Skinshape has sold out of its one and only pressing of 500 copies. Well, almost sold out, because we at King Spinna still have the last few remaining copies. So if you don’t want to miss out on this little gem of a record order now! First come, first served.

We’re also making the two tracks available for download in MP3 and FLAC formats.

The 7″ vinyl is priced at £4.99. Downloads cost just 59 pence per track for MP3 and 75 pence per track for FLAC.

Find out more about Horus Records on Facebook.
Our new release “Good News” by Bunny Lee & Friends is available on CD for pre-order now. If you choose to pre-order the CD it will be shipped on 20th May, a week ahead of the official release date. Orders received after 20th May will be shipped immediately.

Postage Prices UP – LP Prices DOWN!

by Bob Harding on 13 May 2013

Every year in April Royal Mail announces its new prices, which usually means price increases. We’ve managed to absorb these for the past two years but finally we’re having to pass on this year’s increases. This won’t have much impact on customers buying CDs only but since the postage rates are based on weight the increase will be felt much more by customers buying LPs, in particular overseas customers.

So we’ve decided we’ll lend a helping hand by reducing the price of our two LPs from GBP 14.99 to GBP 12.99 with immediate effect.