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Fisherman brings home the catch of the day King Spinna is a brand new label founded by Bob Harding and Dom Sotgiu, formerly of the world-renowned Blood and Fire imprint.

The label launched in late 2011 with “Dub Will Change Your Mind” by Bunny Lee & The Agrovators. The album was released initially only on limited edition vinyl and as an MP3 download. It is now also available on CD and in the lossless FLAC download format.

Like Blood and Fire, King Spinna is essentially a reggae label but with a wider remit, which basically means we’ll release anything we deem worthy of issuing. Some releases will be in physical formats (vinyl and CD), others will be download only.

And we’ve got lots more exciting ideas in the pipeline for music both old and new, but we don’t want to give away too much just yet!

Please visit us regularly as we’ll be adding new features and updated content all the time. Check out our online store where you’ll be able to buy our latest releases, plus merchandise and some of the most competitively priced downloads on the market. At the moment the only merchandise we have available is some end-of-line Blood and Fire teeshirts, but we’ll soon be introducing a range of exclusive King Spinna products, so watch this space!