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King Tubby

King Tubby & Friends – Dub Gone Crazy

by admin on 12 December 2011

BL002 King Tubby and Friends - Dub Gone Crazy Cover“Dub Gone Crazy” was the second release on Blood and Fire and was astonishingly successful, selling well in excess of 50,000 copies on LP and CD. Not bad for a compilation of B-sides from obscure Jamaican 45s of the Seventies! Producer Bunny Lee remarked at the time “You bring back the dub”. Indeed, for many younger listeners this album was their introduction to classic Jamaican dub music from Tubby’s studio. [click to continue…]
BL001_The Dreads at King Tubby's - If-Deejay-was-Your-TradeThis seminal Jamaican deejay album, originally the debut release on the world-renowned Blood and Fire label, features performances from some of the best known deejays of the day such as I-Roy, Dillinger, Tappa Zukie, Jah Stitch, Big Joe, Dr Alimantado, Prince Far I, Prince Jazzbo and Little Joe (better known these days as Ranking Joe). Standout tracks include “War And Friction” by I-Roy and the classic “Black Harmony Killer” by Jah Stitch. The album was voiced and mixed at the legendary King Tubby’s studio and produced by the biggest hitmaker of the time, Bunny Lee. [click to continue…]


by Bob Harding on 23 August 2011

The two short videos on our homepage are best viewed on YouTube (click one of the links at the top of the video). Coming soon we have a multi-part exclusive interview with Bunny Lee containing quite a few little-known facts such as how Bunny got the nickname Striker (you’d never guess), plus the real reason King Tubby never appeared in the Channel 4 documentary “Deep Roots Music”. We’ll be setting up a Vimeo account very shortly so you’ll be able to watch the interview in HD. Soon come!